Island heaven

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Island heaven

I led her on my bike along the rugged paths above the beach, it was a warm afternoon and the shadows the low sun cast were beautiful and romantic.

Having cycled for about half an hour from the little house I finally stopped and turned to look at Chloe. She was slightly red in the face and had a determined look on her face that made her look beautifully sexy. She stopped and smiled at me.

"So this is the place you were telling me about?"
"Yeah, theres a little hollow over there that overlooks the beach and is big enough for two people to lie in."

We headed over there. Let me tell you something about ourselves now: We are both 18, I am about 6 and she is a few inches shorter than me, she has long brown hair that flows down about 30 cms below her shoulders, she has a perfect face with big brown eyes and a full smile that can take your breath away.

The rest of her body is likeable to that of a supermodel, medium, firm breasts that press against her /tight/tight-top/">tight top, a flat stomach that gives way to small hips and long, curvaceous legs. 

We have been going out for about three months but never gone further than third base and this holiday I was hoping to take things a little further.

I held her arm as she jumped into the hollow, we kissed long and deep whilst I massaged her ass and back, loosening her up for a romantic evening overlooking the beach. As we stood there in the sand I slipped a hand up her top and rubbed her breast gently, she moaned each time my hand brushed her nipple and started to press against my crotch causing my penis to swell.

I laid her down in the sand and used my other hand to start unbuttoning her tight jeans, as I did so she broke the embrace and started pulling down my shorts leaving me in my boxers with my dick rapidly enlarging. Gently I pulled down her trousers and placed them to one side and admired her small /thong/">thong that hid the /pussy/small-pussy/">small pussy and neatly trimmed hair.

She, in the meantime had started rubbing my genitals with her hand and was rapidly causing me to swell to my full eight inches. I sat her up and slipped off her tshirt, instantly freeing her firm breasts and swollen nipples. She pulled off mine and started rubbing my flat stomach whilst her breasts rubbed against my chest. I pulled her ontop of me and hugged her close, feeling my enclosed dick press against her wet and warm pussy. She moaned and started kissing her way down to my navel, when she reached my groin she yanked off my boxers and circled her hand around my engorged shaft, her hand was cold and it sent shocks of pleasure through body. Sloly she lowered her head and started exhaling onto the head causing it to swell hugely. 

She liked down and then up the length of my shaft before popping the head in and sucking it like an ice cream. Slowly she took more and more in until she was deepthroating a whole six inches whilst using her hand to pump the last two. I reached my hand down and started rubbing and tweaking her hanging nipples, feeling her moan onto my cock almost pushed me over the edge but I held back until she moaned and sucked and rubbed her tongue all over it and I moaned,

"Uuuuhhhhh, Im cumming baby, Im cumming."
She quickly pulled her head back and sucked vigourously on the head and I spurted into her mouth causing it to run down her chin and drip xxx onto the ground, she swallowed and moved and lay ontop of me while we kissed. She rolled beside me and I moved onto her kissing her and probing her mouth with my toungue. I kissed down her sensitive neck to her breasts, I gave them special attention, massaging and tweaking the nipple of one whilst sucking and nibbling on the other. She is a very sensitive girl and I managed to bring her to orgasm just doing this, she tilted her had back and moaned softly as the pleasure swept her.

When her orgasm had subsided I moved my head down to her crotch, kissing all the way and reached her soaked thong and rubbed my face into her pussy breathing in her excited scent whilst causing her to jerk sharply with the rubbing. hooked a finger in the top and stripped her of the thong, exposing her pussy, swollen and dripping. I gently rubbed my fingers in her neat brown pubic hair and moved them down to rub both of her pussy lips, making her arch her body to met them. Then I went down on her and started licking and nibbling her sensitive clitoris and she yelled aloud in shock and pleasure. I moved down and without warning drove my tongue into her /pussy/tight-pussy/">tight pussy and she orgasmed immediately groaning loudly, bucking her hips into my face, I put my hands under her arse and held her firmly in place as her juices poured out and I lapped at her cunt driving her to about three orgasms.

I laid her down and she gased down at me with a dased smile.

"I want to feel you in me honey. I want you to take my virginity now."
"Are you sure?" My dick was already swelling as I heard her saying this.
I moved up and kissed her deeply and then knelt up with my dick hovering above her soaking pussy. I grasped it and placed the head against her swollen pussy lips and applied a gentle pressure, I looked up at her and she nodded, her face showing a look of apprehension and love. Slowly I pushed until the head of my penis started to enter, she gasped as her /tight/tight-vagina/">tight vagina was streched by my swollen mushroom. I paused porn videos download and allowed her to get used to the entrance. Slowly I pushed in more until I hit her unbroken hymen.

"Are you ready?"
She nodded and bit her lower lip, she looked really sexy when she did this.
I lay ontop of her and started kissing her and thrust short and sharp, bursting the barrier, she screamed into my mouth but I held her tight and kissed her some more until she relaxed in my arms.
"Are you ok?"
"Yeah, it hurts a little"
"Shall I keep going?"

I put a hand down and rubbed her clitoris making her juices flow afresh. I started to apply some more pressure until I had about five inches in, by this time she had started to moan and her breath was becoming fast and ragged as she aproached /climax/">climax, I drew out almost to the head and then shoved my dick back in, six inches this time. When I had got all eight inches in I paused and then started to rock back and forth plunging my shaft in deeply each time I went forward, I increased the strength and soon my balls were slapping against her smooth arse and she started to scream in /ecstasy/">ecstasy, her orgasm was huge and her hips were bucking wildly and I suckedvigorously on her sensitive nipples keeping her at the height of pleasure for ages, I continued thrusting as the sheer sight of her orgasming quickly brought me to boiling point she calmed down and started moaning sexily in my ear
"cum in me babe, I want to fell you cum inside me."

I thrust up harder than I had done before, hitting her uterus each time, she started to scream again as she orgasmed again and again, finaly I could take it no more and moaned loudly and held my last thrust deep inside her vagina as I felt the spunk shooting out of my shaft while her cunt contracted around my knob and I kept oncumming.

I collapsed on top of her and we kissed before falling into a deep, exhausted sleep.