Nights garden

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Nights garden

I woke up to the faint tapping on my window. Sleepily I got out of bed and walked over to my window. I opened it and looked out side to see who it was. Which boy was it tonight I wondered. But when I looked around I saw no one. The garden outside my window seemed empty. I grinned, I enjoyed the shy ones. They often had to do this a few times so that they could work up the courage not to run when I came to the window. I climbed silently out of the window and jumped down landing cat like in the garden.

I tread through the familiar grounds searching for the boy. I grinned when I spotted a bush move slightly. As I crept closer I could hear someone?s heavy breathing, I could hear them cursing themselves not for staying and talking to me. I crept peered carefully around the bush. I saw him there clutching his knees to his chest. He was rather slender and small for a guy, but I didn?t care.

I moved around the bush and before he could react I kissed him hard on the lips, I pulled his slender form to me. something didn?t feel right, when I placed a hand on his chest I realized something shocking. This him was actually a her!

I leapt back shocked and horrified that I had just kissed another girl. well there was a /first-time/">first time for everything and know that I think about it she was a good kisser. I forced the thoughts from my mind and watched her. I watched her reel back in shock and fall flat on her ass. She looked at me in shocked disbelief.

"that was a bit quicker than I had expected" I heard her mutter. I felt confused and I stumbled up. I heard her call out desperately for me to stop but I didn?t. it seemed like I had run for almost an hour. I was short of breath as I stumbled through the gardens. I finally collapsed against a tree and rest my head in my hands. I couldn?t believe what had just happened. I had actually kissed another girl, felt her breasts, and enjoyed it. what was wrong with me. I wasn?t a lesbian, I was straight I liked guys. I mean sure I?d thought about other /women/">women on occasion but not seriously, I somehow felt excited that I not only had guys falling head over heels for me. 

suddenly I heard foot steps nearby. I listened as she walked by my hiding spot, I could hear her sobs and her cursing herself for falling in love with a straight girl. I wanted to follow her, to kiss her again, to feel her naked body next to mine. but I froze, I just listened to her sobs and curses as she stumbled into things. I knew I wouldn?t get another chance like this. 

I took a deep breath and stood up, I followed her trail through the garden. She had managed to get herself lost in the maze. I smiled, at least it meant I would be able to catch her before she left. I found her a few minutes later. she was curled up sobbing in a corner of the maze. I hurried over and knelt down beside her, she was obviously confused, lost, /scared/">scared, and broken hearted. She still hadn?t noticed me. but she finally did when I laid down next to her shaking form, and gathered her up in my arms. She stiffened and rolled over to see who was holding her.
I could see the look of genuine /surprise/">surprise in her eyes. even from here I could see her cheeks flush. 

"what, what are you, why are you..?" she stammered. 
"did I ever say I was straight, I just needed some time to think" I said and kissed her again. She moaned into my mouth and pulled me against her. I felt her running her leg up between mine and her hands began moving south. I felt her cup my breasts through the thin fabric of my nightdress with her hands. I pressed myself against her harder and moaned slightly with pleasure. I felt her hand travel down and run down my legs then back up the inside up of legs. I was shaking now, she was much better than any of the guys I had been with.

I felt her rip open my night grown and then bend down to take my nipples into her mouth. I moaned and whimpered slightly, pressing myself against her. I could feel her lips crinkle around my tit in a smile. She ran her hand up between my legs and I felt her gently fingering my pussy, it just drove me mad with desire, and impatience. Sensing my impatience she inserted two fingers into my soaking pussy and began pumping her fingers. Damn it was good, she kissed me again to stifle my alain lyle porn loud moans. I didn?t really notice I just jammed myself against her hand as hard as I could. than out of nowhere my orgasm hit like a freight train. I remember screaming into her mouth and holding on to her as I shook from the intense orgasm that was tearing its way through me. 

When I finally came down off of my high I found myself being set up for another round. She had laid me down on a bed of leaves and had spread my legs apart. I watched her position herself between my legs. Then she lowered her head to my pussy. I felt her kiss it lightly, I nearly came again just from the feeling. Then I felt her run her tongue along my slit. I let out a loud moan and pressed my pussy against her face. I felt her licking and kissing it, then suddenly she plunged her tongue deep inside of me. I yelled out with pleasure and placing my hands on her head I pushed her into my pussy. I had soon lost all control. I was yelping and bucking on her face, I threw my head back and screamed out as I came, I collapsed into the pile of leaves, expecting her to slide up and kiss me. but she had other things in mind, she didn?t stop. Instead she began to suck on my clit, I moaned and gasped in shock. I had heard rumors that it felt good but I had never actually had it sucked. I felt her nibble on it a bit, than she gently began flickering her tongue over it as she sucked it as hard as she could. in no time I had had another orgasm and wasn?t sure I would be able to survive another. She obviously sensed this, but yet again surprised me. she dug in with new vigor as though trying to prove I could survive another. I did, barely. She crawled up next to me and pulled me into her warm embrace. 
"You?re a hard woman to please" I gasped.

"I haven?t even gotten started, honey, so hold on tight" she said and acted as though she were heading south again. but she stopped and laughed at the look of horror that had spread across my face. I realized that she was kidding, at least I hoped she was. But of course she wasn?t. I felt her run her hand down between my legs, she began rubbing my swollen and already ravaged pussy. I moaned and tried to hold on for the inevitable. I moaned as my head rolled around on her shoulder. Within no time I had cum again and was nearly unconscious. I felt her shake me, then realize what state I was in, I could hear her laughing. I vaguely remember her picking me up and carrying me somewhere.

I woke up the next morning and found myself back in my bed. I was clutching my pillow to me and the window was closed. It had all been a dream, I felt disappointed and I could still remember the girl from last night. I swear I had seen her before, but I couldn?t remember, I remember tasting myself on her mouth and knew I just had to have some pussy. I heard a faint knock on the door.
"come in" I grumbled. I looked up to see the maid enter. She started bustling about the room straightening things. I realized that she was quite pretty, I had never paid much attention to the maids but this time I did. I somehow remembered her name and called her over to me.

"yes, my lady ?" she asked politely. I told her to sit down patting the edge of the bed. I saw her eyes widen slightly but she did. No one ever dared defy me. in fact the only reason I was so used to guys is because the villagers had a habit of sending young virgins to please me. 

I sat up and scooted closer to her. I started talking with her, as I talked with her I indian santali xvideo gently placed my hand on her leg and gently began rubbing her thighs in what was seemingly an innocent gesture. The closer I got to her the more nervous and withdrawn she seemed. I smiled and leaned forwards I kissed her gently on her lips than I began kissing her neck.
"my lady, what are you?this isnt right, my lady" she said "we shouldn?t be doing this my lady, what if we were to get caught."

"don?t worry" I said, I got up and walked to the door. In the process I let the night gown fall from around my shoulders leaving me naked. When I reached the door I locked it and turned around. I saw her gulp and stare at my body. Then she averted her eyes and stared forcibly at her hands. I walked over and sat down next to her. I took her hands in mine and gently squeezed them, intertwining my fingers with hers. I scooted so I was right up against her. she flinched and started to turn away but I reached up and turned her head towards me. I leaned forwards and kissed her on the lips, I slid my tongue into her mouth. I felt her try and pull away, but I reached up taking her face in both hands and held her there. Then I pulled her dress of leaving her naked as well. I heard her whimper and then she gave in. 

I felt her kissing me back as she wrapped her arms around my shoulders. I let my hands slide down to her breasts and I began to rub them, rolling her nipples between my fingers. She moan into my mouth and pressed herself against me. I pushed her down onto the bed and got on top of her. I began kissing her neck and shoulders. she moaned and arched her back, offering her breasts. I took her offer and bent down, sucking them into my mouth. she moaned and ran her hands up and down my back. I let her nipples go with a smack of my lips and she moaned with disappointment. But I soon solved that problem as I kissed my way down her stomach. I saw her eyes go wide with shock when she realized what my intentions were. I gently blew on her pussy. she jumped and moaned, trying to push her pussy into my face. I ran my tongue lightly over her soaking slit. She tasted good, better than I thought she would. Kind of like cinnamon. I plunged my tongue deep into her and began eagerly eating her out. she moaned and flipped around so she had her head between my legs. I felt her bury her face into my pussy, I could hear both of our moans muffled by each other?s pussy. I reached up and inserted two fingers into her while I began sucking on her clit. This was to much for her and bucked against me and she screamed out her orgasm into my pussy. the combination of her screams of pleasure, her mouth on my pussy, and the gush of her juices over my face sent me over the edge. I moaned and screamed my orgasm out into her pussy as well which set her off again as she came a second time. Eventually I rolled her limp form off of me and pulled her up against me. I kissed her gently and licked my juiced off of her face. she moaned and pressed herself against me.

"oh, why you little! You two could have waited for me, now I?ll have to punish you both!" I heard the familiar voice say from my window. I looked up to see the girl from last night climbing in my window. I felt the maid lift her head slightly and drop it back against my shoulder with a sigh. 
"damn, how many times did you eat her out? I think you?ve damaged that /sweet/">sweet little pussy for life. She better still be able to cum!" she said walking over and sitting down on the edge of the bed.
"well your gonna have to figure that out yourself" I said to her in mock anger.

"fine then, hold her for me" she replied in the same tone of mock anger. Then she lowered her head down between the maid?s legs. She made jumped and held onto me when she realized what was happening. I heard her whimper and pressed her face between my breasts. She began ferociusely sucking on my nipples. I smiled and held her tightly against me. I watched her eyes go wide. She began to shake and moan loudly. I had to keep her quiet. I started to get a pillow but stopped, I could go another round. I slid up and planted her face between my legs. She got the gist and began licking my pussy I turned sideways forcing the other two to do the same. Than I slid down and pulled the pants and panties off of the girl from last night. then I planted my face in that beautiful pussy. pretty soon the maid was screaming into my pussy. this set off a chain reaction of orgasms. Her screams brought me over the edge and in my turn my screams brought the girl from last night over the edge, and then her screams sent the maid off again. this continued for awhile than we all fell back panting. Somehow we managed to crawl under the covers before blacking out. 

when I woke up I was lying on my back, both off them were laying next to me, each of them had their heads resting on my shoulders, and each of them had one of my nipples in their mouths. I grinned slightly and closed my eyes, I was just about asleep when I felt the maid sit up. I could sense her smile and heard her silent whoop of joy. 

"payback time, ladies" I heard her say than I felt her pull the covers down off of us. I felt her running her hand along my legs than she spread them. I felt her tongue on my pussy and moaned. It was going to be a long night. ?and quite a few disappointed guys? I thought to myself as I kissed the girl next to me, and prepared myself for another round.