My Friend And I

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
My Friend And I

For years I had be friends with Heidi. Heidi was average height, C cup, nice legs, /blonde/">blonde hair, blue eyes. She was great and fun to be with, the only thing wrong with her was that she wasn't into sex or masturbation, It was coming to the end of the summer holidays and she told me she was going on holiday for 2 weeks and of course i didn't want her to go, I wanted to be with her for the last couple of weeks, anyway she went on holiday to spain with her /dad/">dad.

Two weeks later she came home and as soon as I herd she was home I went straight round to her house her parents and brother had gone out to her grandmothers to see how they were doing, when i got round we went straight to her bedroom to watch a movie together like we usually do at night, we got on her bed and lay on our sides old waman xxxgx wit me behind her and with my hand on her thigh just rubbing gently like i always do.

After about 20mins she grabbed my hand and put it on her crotch and started rubbing my hand and told me 2 rub her so i did, after a few minutes longer she told me to put my hand down her pants and knickers and finger her, I was totally suprised be I did it i had wanted 2 do this for years and i wasn't gonna pass this up so i carried on, i could hear her panting and then she turned the T.V off and got on top of me and said,
"I had sex on my holiday and i loved it and i want more"

She then unbuttoned my jeans and took them off, i couldn't belive what was happening then she took off her top and said,
" take my bra off i know you have wanted my tits for ages i alwys see you staring at them" I then took her bra off and grabbed her tits and she bent down and kissed me, then she got off the bed and took my boxers off aswell as her pants and kickers and she got ontop of me and started riding me and she was screaming in pleasure, I could feel the preasure building up and i splurted aload inside her and she fell into a hep ontop of me.

We lay next to each other for a few minutes and then she got the head of my cock and shoved it into her mouth and started sucking it, then all of a sudden the bedroom door opened and we thought it was heidis mum or dad but it was daisy.

Daisy was the same height as Heidi but her breasts were a bit smaller but she had blonde hair and brown eyes and a lovly arse, Daisy stared at us for a few seconds and then she took her top off and came over and pasinatly kissed heidi on the lips and then heidi got off the bed and helped daisy get undressed, and i watched with pleasure , bokep sma pecah perawan i couldn't belive what i was seeing then they kissed again and Daisy came over to me and got on the bed and kissed me, then she got on top of me and told me to fuck her, i got on top of her and shoved my cock inside her and put her legs over her head.

Heidi Just watched on the floor while fingering her self i then blew my load inside of daisy, daisy then got off my and licked my cock clean, then we got in to a 69 position and i licked her off while she sucked me off, then Heidi stood up and and daisy stopped sucking me and started licking heidi.

When we finished we decided to meet at heidis house every single saturday when every one was at work, but after 3 weeks heidis mum was ill one saturday so we decided to go to the park for a our session, this was the park that no one had been to in years.

We got there and straight aways heidi and dasiy were naked and doing me, then we herd a voice it was Hannah, Daisy's /friend/best-friend/">best friend, Hannah said " What the fuck are you doing" Heidi and Daisy got up and got Hannah on the floor daisy went straight for hannahs crotch and heidi did hannahs tits Hannah was shouting "STOP, STOP, STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" but they didn't and after a few minutes they screams of outrage had become screams of pleasure, they then got off hannah and hannah came over to me and sat on my face and i started to eat her she sreamed and screamed with pleasure and she came all over my face, she got off me and licked her cum off my face and then sucked me off while heidi and daisy pleasured them selfs, we were going like this for hours.

After that day we met up in the park 3 days a week and we have been doing our sessions for abour 6 months now and each and every time it's like heavan for all four of us.