wife fucks good friend

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wife fucks good friend

I passed him and as he walked by,these words came from his mouth " She knew what she was doing". I continued walking down the hall to room 110, opened the door and there she stood. She was standing at the foot of the bed with her white robe draped over her shoulders with glow on her face. Only minutes earlier she made love for the to someone other than me. It wasn't a , it was the real thing. What he and I planned a month or so earlier had come true.

Earlier that night she and I met Brett at a bar and grill .As we walked in the entrance he was sitting in a booth with his back facing the door .We walked over and sat down on the opposite side from him. He said " Well Hello, I'm the one who has been texting you". We then ordered drinks and talked for thirty minutes or so and then I asked them if they wanted me to get a motel room so they could be alone.

I couldn't believe those word came from my mouth. I was excited about the thought of him doing all those things she always wanted to do but never thought it would happen. At the nod of their heads I got up and left. About thirty minute later I returned and asked them if they were ready to go and there was a "Yes", they were ready. As all three of us walked out the front door I told them they should ride together real forced anal against her will and follow me.

I knew they wanted to continue talking with each other and if they road together neither one of them would back out. When we arrived at the motel we all walked to the room and I opened the door, told them to "have fun". Earlier I told my wife to call me when they were finished.

Later, some two or two and a half hours I got the call. It was no time when I walked passed him. Then I was in the room. As she was standing at the end of the bed I walked over to her and gave her a kiss and I asked her to lay back on the bed. Her bath robe fell open as she put her head on the pillow. I moved down between her legs , opened them wide and began kissing and licking her.

As my tongue moved into her as far as it could go all I could think about was she had just finished fucking him. The thought of tasting them both, their juices was one of the biggest turn ones I had ever had. It wasn't long before I was between her legs pounding her and filling her with my cum. We both soon were relaxing on the bed when she told me what they did.

She said he took a shower while she undressed and put her robe on. When he came back into the room his towel was wrapped around his waist. It was still a mystery, what was under the towel. She then went to the bath room, when she came out he was laying on the bed with nothing on.

When she laid down beside him she had no idea how large he was. He began kissing her and rubbing his hand between her legs. Her juices began to flow as his fingers went deep into her reaching her g spot. Their tongues were exchanging fluids and that even made her hotter. His mouth soon moved to her sucking and biting her nipples.

There was pain but she endured xnxxv sunny leone video it and loved it even though it hurt and didn't want him to stop. He sucked her so hard and long her became swollen and a bright red. She could hardly stand the pain but she didn't want him to stop. Soon he was on top of her pushing his deep into her slick pussy.

She was so excited she began squirt juices all over the bed. It had been a long time since she had been turned like this. Over and over he went deeper than anyone had ever gone. They rolled over and now she was on top fucking him over and over. He told how good it felt and it was the best he ever had. In a few minutes he was behind her, fucking her doggy style slow and deep.

She said she loved feeling him going in very slow and deep behind her. She didn't want to stop and wanted it more and more. He continued doing her that way for some time. Then he moved and was on top of her in a few minutes sliding in and out until he filled her with cum. Exhausted, he moved off her and rolled over onto his back..

As they laid on the bed next to each other she asked if she could and he said " do what ever you would like''. She then put her hand around semi-, moving one hand up and down his shaft the other caressing his balls and then took in her mouth and began sucking. Their juices were still on his cock as her lips moved apart taking the head and then his shaft deep into her mouth.

She began moving up and down for the next few minutes giving him pleasure. She wanted to taste him and make him feel good. He told me he could cum twice but this was one night that didn't happen. He had been fucked and sucked non stop for almost twoand a half hours by her and that was all he could take.

She could have fucked him over and over all night long. She said "it was fantastic, it was so big, I really mean big and thick I didn't think it would fit, but I was so slick it went in with ease. But he did say I was very tight, and the best he ever had''. She told me she wants to fuck him again and again. Now someone else knows how good she can fuck other than me and that is really exciting. Thinking about her fucking another man or other men is a real turn on.

I know that sounds weird but as long as she is having fun and enjoys, that is all that matters, her pleasure.